Westpark Tollway

The $13 million project consisting of two connecting ramps at US 59 and Westpark Tollway was part of the $240 million Tollway connecting US 59 to Beltway 8 in Houston Texas. One of the ramps is a flyover bridge that goes over Westpark, US 59 and an elevated HOV lane all at the same time. The project consisted of 5.4 million pounds of structural steel with the most challenging erection and assembly consisting of a pair of 800 foot-long curved steel box girders that were set over US 59. The largest pieces of the girders were 240 feet long and weighed 300,000 lbs.

Due to the nature of the traffic in the area, all major lifts were done at night or during weekends. Special equipment was used to transfer the girders from the project assembly yard to the point of erection. The girders were lifted into place with a 500-ton and 650-ton hydraulic crane. Another critical and extremely complicated lift was a structural steel cap with 4 girders intersecting the cap. The cap and all four girders were simultaneously lifted in place by four cranes.


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