UPRR Intermodal Facility- San Antonio

This project involved the construction of a new intermodal facility in San Antonio for the Union Pacific Rail Road. Austin was subcontracted to perform the concrete paving which covered 85 acres, 135,000 CY, in concrete in 75 paving days with a daily average of 1,800 CY (5,400 SY) per day.

Austin set a record of 4,600 CY in one day, and maintained a total of three days with productions over 4,000 CY and 17 days with productions over 3,000 CY. There was a total of 327,500 LF of dowel bar baskets set. Austin was able to insert the dowel bars for the longitudinal construction joint into the plastic concrete saving the cost of drilling the bars in later.


Austin Bridge & Road


Concrete Paving