Burlington Northern Santa Fe Command Station and Headquarters

Austin Commercial completed Phase I of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe project which included a new Network Operations Center. This entailed a 183,000-square-foot hardened shell facility, generator building, central plant, an 87,000-square-foot, four-story office building and a 912-car parking garage. Austin Commercial also installed owner-furnished equipment on this project. Austin Commercial’s performance on the Network Operations Center project led to Phase II of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad complex and included a 120,000-square-foot marketing building, 40,000-square-foot plaza area, 9,000-square-foot entry building with connecting bridge and a 100,000-square-foot new addition to the parking garage. Other responsibilities included construction of temporary parking lots, remodeling of the existing Systems Operation Center – south building, remodeling the existing Dispatch Center, second-level executive office in the Network Operations Center and remodel of the existing Building B.

Company:Austin Commercial


Location:Fort Worth, TX