Oak Creek Canyon Bridge – Sedona, Arizona

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Flagstaff District worked with the communities of both the City of Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek to design and construct improvements from Back O’ Beyond to the “Y” intersection on SR 179 at 89A. This road carries millions of tourists each year through one of the most pristine and scenic areas of the world. The road is also the only route connecting the business and residential communities of the greater Sedona area.  The central goal of the project was to develop a transportation corridor that addressed safety both for drivers and pedestrians, mobility and preservation of all community values including aesthetics, while accommodating the increased development in the area.

Austin Bridge & Road was contracted to build the main bridge in town connecting SR-179 to 89A.  The three-span bridge is located on the north end of the 3.5-mile highway project traversing scenic Sedona, Arizona.  It spans the very unpredictable Oak Creek at the bottom of Oak Creek Canyon and was designed to be built in two separate phases.  Phase I was the construction of approximately two-thirds of the new bridge then switching traffic onto the newly built section so the existing bridge could be demolished.  Phase II included the construction of the last one-third of the bridge along with the sidewalk for pedestrians and a wide raised median for safe travel and aesthetics.  Located in an environmentally-sensitive area, the team had to take extreme measures to ensure that the creek was protected during construction from falling debris.


Austin Bridge & Road