Meacham Airport

Working at the Meacham Airport requires similar stringent adherence to owner specified work windows to ensure zero interference with airport runway traffic. With an unyielding deadline and intent focus on work safety and quality, Austin Bridge & Road provided work crews twenty-four hours a day to meet the owners schedule. Careful planning and precise execution allowed Austin Bridge & Road to success fully complete the Meacham Airport project without incurring work window penalties or disrupting airport operations.

To allow for larger airplanes at the Meacham Airport this project widened and strengthened the runway shoulders and runway turning radius. The existing runway was partially removed, soil was imported, cement stabilized flex base was installed and asphalt was overlaid for a smooth finish. The approach to the main runway required 15″ concrete paving followed by an asphalt overlay. Four subcontractors, selected based on safety, quality and work history, were utilized for milling, earthwork, erosion control and striping.


Austin Bridge & Road


Concrete Paving