Huntington Drive Phase II

Austin was selected as the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) by the City of Flagstaff to reconstruct 3,000 LF of Huntington Drive, a heavily traveled, minor arterial in Flagstaff, Arizona. This roadway provides access to businesses, hotels and connects US66 with Interstate 40 for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic through a mostly industrial area. Through development of sound traffic control, construction phasing and safety plans, Austin maintained access to these businesses throughout construction, a critical component to the success of the project. Final configuration of the roadway was one lane in each direction with a 12’ median and bicycle lanes on both sides of the roadway.  Additional scope of work included construction of the curb, gutter and storm drain improvements.

Relative to sustainability, Austin submitted a value engineering proposal to reuse pulverized asphalt as storm drain backfill which resulted in more than $10,000 savings to the City of Flagstaff and added to the “Green” aspect of the project by use of recycled materials.


Austin Bridge & Road


Concrete Paving