DFW Connector: Asphalt Paving

The eight-mile project, due to be completed in November 2014, involves rebuilding portions of four highways, two interchanges and five bridge.  These improvements will enhance mobility and air quality through expanded roadway capacity, toll managed lanes, and continuous frontage roads.

The DFW Connector includes state highways 114 and 121 and adjacent roadways located north of DFW Airport.  This area, which sits near the intersection of the area’s four most populous counties, is a vital connection for North Texas business, commercial and recreational interests.

Austin is responsible for producing and placing all asphalt.  The scope of work consists of priming the lime subgrade, constructing temporary asphalt detours and placing 2.5 inch asphalt bond breaker.  Austin placed 450,000 tons of asphalt on this project.


Austin Bridge & Road


Asphalt Paving