Citigroup North Texas Expansion

Austin Commercial completed two new office facilities for Citigroup on two separate sites in Irving, Texas. The first of these sites, the Regent site, consisted of 625,000 square feet of office space for 5,100 employees and sat on approximately 52 acres. Las Colinas, the second site, encompassed 225,000 square feet of office for 1,700 employees and sat on approximately 25 acres. Both site developments are low-rise buildings (three-story, tilt wall construction) with floor plates in the range of 65,000 to 70,000 square feet.

The Dining Expansion Project at the Las Colinas Site included the addition of approximately 10,000 square feet of new dining space to serve a 600-seat facility and a renovation to the existing servery and kitchen of approximately 10,000 square feet.


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