American Airlines Centreport IV & V

CentrePort IV consists of a four story above grade office computer facility including a full basement below grade, seven level parking structure, and a three level mechanical/ electrical central plant. The basement houses a 55,000-square-foot computer facility with a 18 rigid grid computer flooring. The mechanical system consists of a complete chilled water cooling system serving normal operating air handling units and a separate chilled water cooling system serving critical operating air handling units. A UPS system supports the Data Center critical load presently capable of supplying a mininum of 2250 KW at 480 volts.

CentrePort V is a similar, six-story, computer and office facility built adjacent to CentrePortIV. The second facility consists of 785,000 square feet in the main bulding and an 11-level, 1,000,000-square-foot parking garage.


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