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                                                                                  THE EARLY YEARS

                       1889     George L. Austin comes to Dallas as                  n Texas a good name is something you earn—and
                                an agent for George E. King Bridge                Iit’s not easily granted. The Austin name first became
                                Company of Des Moines, Iowa
                                                                                  synonymous with Texas bridge building when George Austin
                       1894     Frank E. Austin joins to form                     came to Dallas in 1889. He was serving as an agent for the
                                George L. Austin and Brother,  Agents             George E. King Bridge Co. of Des Moines, Iowa. George’s
                                of George E. King Bridge Co.
                                                                                  younger brother, Frank, joined him in 1894, but bridge work
                       1898     Austin Brothers, Southern Agents of               in the Lone Star State was scarce then. Two years later George
                                George E. King Bridge Co., forms                  began contracting in Georgia—most likely in an effort to find
                                                                                  more jobs. However, Frank remained hopeful for a turnaround
                       1900     Charles R. Moore hired as
                                stenographer                                      in Texas and stayed in Dallas.
                                                                                      When business began to grow again in Texas toward the
                       1901     Total annual business of $54,000
                                                                                  turn of the century, Frank hired a young man named Charles
                       1902     Frank and George Austin form Austin               R. Moore in November 1900. Little did he know then how this
                                Brothers, Contractors                             decision would eventually set a new trajectory for the company.

                       1914     Austin Brothers incorporates with
                                $300,000 capital                                  The Company Founder
                                                                                  Moore, a farmer at heart, was raised on a small farm about 10
                     March 1, 1918  Austin Brothers Bridge                        miles south of Waco, Texas. He studied hard at Baylor University,
                                Company founded, headed by                        taking five and a half hours more than the maximum, but soon
                                Charles R. Moore                                  felt he “needed a change” and returned to tenant farming.  Even
                                                                                  though he was no longer enrolled in a university, his education
                                                                                  had just begun. He was industrious to the core and a true self-
                                                                                  starter with a passion for learning. He learned shorthand by
                                                                                  correspondence after seeing an ad in a magazine that offered
                                                                                  lessons for 40 cents.

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