Austin Industries

Austin Industries is one of the nation’s largest, most diversified U.S.-based construction companies. With more than 6,000 employee-owners, Austin Industries provides nearly every type of civil, commercial and industrial construction services through the expertise of our operating companies: Austin Bridge & Road, Austin Commercial and Austin Industrial.

Today, Austin has an annual volume of $2 billion. Our company prides itself in delivering exceptional service on large, highly complicated projects with particular emphasis on qualified teams and performance. Our core values include safety, service, integrity and employee-ownership.

Our Mission

We are people committed to Safety, Service, Integrity and Employee-Ownership. Our success relies on a foundation of service and building relationships with the customers and communities we serve.

Our Values

Our vision is to lead the industry with operational excellence through innovative solutions, people and performance while adhering to our core values of Safety, Service, Integrity and Employee-Ownership.

Our #1 Commitment

“At Austin, our number one commitment is the safety of our people, and our number one goal is zero incidents. Safety is everyone’s first job. That’s why every worker goes home in the same condition as they arrived.”

World-Class Safety Program by David B. Walls, CEO - Austin Industries
  • Safety - Driving to Zero

    Austin maintains a safety record that is one of the best in its industry – 85 percent better than the national average. Our management team, both in the field and at the highest levels of our corporate leadership, asserts remarkable accountability for safety – our benchmark for evaluating job performance and project success.

    Safety execution plans and job safety checklists are required on all Austin projects. Our ability to avoid unsafe conditions and lost-time accidents is largely a result of extensive training and excellent safety practices. Safety professionals and staff members make continual visits to our jobsites to ensure that all employee-owners successfully implement training and safe practices each workday. Employee-owners are empowered to stop work if they see an unsafe act and correct it.

    Safety performance is managed, measured and required on a project-wide basis. We recognize and reward excellence among our employee-owners as well as our subcontractors.

Safety Program

Austin Bridge & Road staff takes continuous measures to be prepared for all situations. Safety execution plans are prepared for all projects to identify and manage safety risks. Safety professionals from all Austin Industries’ operations meet monthly to share best practices for the continual improvement of safety programs. Additionally, Austin Bridge & Road partners with local medical facilities to assure the best treatment possible in the event of an injury.

In addition, safety professionals and staff members make continual visits to our jobsites to ensure that all employee-owners successfully implement this training during each workday.

Safety, health and environmental aspects of Austin Commercial are managed through a comprehensive system with a simple, clear-cut goal – zero incidents.

Safety execution plans and job safety checklists are required on all Austin Commercial projects. We use a jobsite employee-owner involvement process called Safety Performance Improvement Council to improve practices and reinforce the importance of safety. Austin Commercial has 4 VPP Star Sites.

Safety execution plans and job safety checklists are required on all Austin Industrial projects. We use a jobsite employee-owner involvement process called Safety Performance Improvement Council to improve practices and reinforce the importance of safety. While other companies regard safety and quality separately, we believe quality is rooted in safety.

Pioneering efforts to demonstrate that a contractor can successfully apply all the requirements of the OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) gained recognition by local, regional and national OSHA offices, as well as our customers. Austin Industrial has six VPP STAR sites and will continue to be a leader in this program.

Sustainability And Green Initiatives

As a corporate citizen, Austin and its employee-owners have an obligation to protect and preserve the environment while projects are under construction, and we are dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for a building's continued impact on the environment.

Based on our experience with sustainability and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) projects and certifications, Austin can provide solutions to our customers regarding sustainable initiatives on any project. Our LEED Accredited Professionals and Green Advantage Builders provide solutions for the reduction of goods/materials consumption and waste production. Through continuous research of green building materials, technologies and implementation, Austin delivers high performance, sustainable buildings.

  • Parkland Hospital - LEED Gold
  • Austin Bergstrom Intl Airport ConRAC - LEED Silver
  • LAX Tom Bradley Intl Terminal - Leed Gold
  • San Diego Intl Airport ConRAC - LEED Gold
  • Irving Convention Center - LEED Silver

Our resume includes a multitude of landmark, precedent-setting projects, initiatives and partnerships, ranking us among the top U.S. based contractors, according to ENR’s list of Green Contractors. We remain active with the U.S. Green Building Council, staying current with the most advanced strategies for building sustainable, healthy environments.

Austin pioneered some of the first prototype projects for what would become the LEED certification program, and we stay focused on the benefits for both the environment and the operational efficiencies for the owner. We provide cost and constructability input for green initiatives during preconstruction, integrating the most appropriate environmental solution.

Environmental Partnerships

  • Bridge & Road

    Austin Bridge & Road is in a partnership with the State of Texas to replace, retire or renovate old equipment to improve negative environmental impact. As part of the state’s Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP), the state of Texas awarded an equipment grant check to Austin Bridge & Road for replacing heavy equipment with compatible, environmentally friendly equipment. TERP is an $80 million grant program aimed at reducing nitrogen oxide emissions, and is expected to remove 13,000 tons of nitrogen oxide – a primary component of ground-level ozone linked to serious health problems – each year.

  • Commercial

    Austin Commercial brings a unique level of green building experience to each project with its affiliation with the industry’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®). Based on our experience with LEED projects and certifications, Austin Commercial is prepared to make suggestions to our customers regarding sustainable initiatives depending on the type of LEED certification being sought for a project.

  • Industrial

    Our refinery work aims to help lower the sulfur content in diesel fuels and produce a cleaner burning gasoline. Our power construction and re-generation projects include new construction and revamping of existing natural gas facilities to meet higher emission standards and the needs of the power grid.

    Austin Industrial regularly performs projects geared to lower oil consumption, including:
    • Ethanol facility construction and biomass facilities
    • Using renewable resources to produce gasoline additives and power
    • Construction of facilities to turn natural gas into high-quality, sulfur-free synthetic crude oil

    In our contract maintenance business segment, Austin Industrial partners with industrial clients to ensure responsible stewardship of the environment through the proper handling and disposal of construction materials, chemicals, fuels and cleaning agents as well as the handling of all substances and materials within the owner’s process systems and facilities.

    We continually perform preventive maintenance, repair and improvement to existing process systems to meet our zero emissions standard, and our ongoing contracts routinely include key performance indicators (KPIs) focused on environmental excellence. In addition, Austin Industrial maintains steadfast focus on leak-free start-ups of plant operations on turnaround and outage contracts.


Austin's policy is to involve qualified Minority, Women, Disadvantaged, Small, Veteran Business Enterprises to the greatest extent feasible in construction, procurement and professional services programs. Austin has proven to exceed set goals by including these firms at the first tier level and at the sub-tier level. We recognize that minority economic development is vital to the success of our business and the community. Austin and its subcontractors shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, national origin, or sex in the award and performance of contracts. Our objective is to assure that the efforts of our program will have a long and lasting impact on the local communities where we do business.

Diversity Affairs Mentor/Protégé Program

Our award-wining Mentor/Protégé program works with Minority, Small, and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWSBE) firms to help advance their initiatives through best practices, networking and opportunities to work with our team. MWSBE firms participate in seminars that address such topics as contracts, bonding and insurance, bid and award processes, administrative and site logistics, innovative cash management strategies, lien rights and claims avoidance, LEED/sustainability, Lean construction, safety, marketing, and technology. More than 400 small, local and diverse firms have graduated from Austin’s Mentoring Program and more than $3 billion has been spent with those firms.

 Austin’s Diversity Team (left to right): Patrick Gnage, Alex Haynes, Bianca Sandoval, Simeon Terry

As a construction industry leader, we take pride in creating minority economic opportunities. To achieve this, Austin is proactive in reaching out and entering into joint ventures, partnerships, and staff augmentation with MWSBE firms, and we encourage minority purchasing by prime subcontractors and vendors.

Austin is an active member of the following community organizations:

• Associated Building Contractors

• Hispanic Contractors Association

• Associated General Contractors

• National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA)

• Hispanic Chambers

• Black Chambers

• Black Contractor Associations

• National Association of Minority Contractors