We Own It


At Austin, we own it. And we want you to come own it with us.


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Because Austin Industries is 100 percent employee-owned, our employee-owners have a stake in the company’s success, and the company has a stake in theirs. The result is a unique culture that cares about the development of everyone on the Austin team. Take a look at our career openings, and become an Austin employee-owner today!


Austin Jobs

It’s an exciting time to work at Austin Industries, where we are currently approaching 100 years of service in the construction industry, building landmark projects across the United States since 1918.

Social Job Board

Do you know someone who might be a good fit with Austin? Check out our social distribution job board, where you can share any of our jobs or connect with our social media accounts.

What does Employee-Ownership mean?

Austin is 100% employee-owned, meaning our staff is eligible to participate in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP, which provides Austin employee-owners with an increasing shareholder value in the company, in the form of company stock or cash contributions. With the ESOP, you share in the benefits of Austin’s growth and profitability, something most companies – including our competitors – don’t provide.

The benefits of being an ESOP company make Austin a unique place to work, in more ways than one. Besides the retirement benefits and financial future, employee-owners at ESOP companies are shown to enjoy:

  • High job security
  • Greater job satisfaction and motivation
  • Increased engagement and productivity
  • Sense of ownership and pride
  • A strong and unique culture
  • Opportunities for career growth

No employee-owner at Austin Industries holds more than 1% ownership in the company, meaning we all truly own it!

Working for Austin is not simply “any other job.” It’s a special work environment where our employee-owners aren’t just working for a paycheck. They are working for each other, for our customers and communities, and for the success of the company.

Benefits and Compensation

Employee-owners are covered by a comprehensive benefits package, which includes group insurance, 401(k), and an excellent employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). Read more about our benefits and ESOP.

So don’t just work for Austin. Own it.

"For almost a century, it has been our employee-owners who have been our greatest asset. They are the core of our business."

David Walls, CEO and President

“When employee-owners say Austin is “my” company, they mean that in a real, tangible sense. They own it.”

Bill Solomon, Austin’s former CEO & President and Austin ESOP founder

“The strength of Austin is its people. The employee stock ownership plan assures that the company's continued success will directly benefit the people doing the work."

Bill Solomon